With more than 15 years experience managing and integrating technology in different organizations, I’ve seen the field change drastically. Many things that used to be difficult and required a large capital investment are now easily accessible and affordable. A lot of technology management used to be worrying about servers, switches, and settings; now it is about picking the best service providers to meet your needs. Then go a step beyond and make sure they are integrated with all your other systems. And finally, make sure you know how to get into the nitty gritty when something isn’t working quite right.

Over the years I’ve worked with plenty of nitty gritty. I was tested and certified in many areas, including:

CompTIA Server+™ Certified
(I also served as a subject matter expert in the development of new exams)

Brainbench (certifications current as of 2/25/2005)

  • Information Technology Industry Knowledge (Master)
  • Training Delivery and Evaluation
  • Web Server Administration (Master)
  • PHP 4 (Master)
  • Network Security
  • Internet Security
  • Computer Technical Support
  • MS Windows XP Desktop Administration
  • MS SQL Server 2000 Administration
  • Macintosh Networking
  • Voice over Internet Procotol (VoIP)
  • Purchasing Process (U.S.)