Jeffrey Niederauer Consulting provides a variety of services to schools and non-profit organizations. Based in San Jose, California, on-site assistance is available for clients both near and far. With advanced knowledge of cross-platform Windows and Mac networks and web-based applications, our solutions go way beyond just worrying about the 1s and 0s of bits and bytes; a successful solution is one that improves operations from the back room to the field. Modernize your events and appeals by accepting donations online, organizing volunteers, managing event ticket sales, or utilizing new media and social media publicity.

Web and Online
Online donations, e-commerce, web-based application programming, and small website hosting.
Reach your constituents, prospects, volunteers, students, families across multiple media – e-mail, social media, and paid advertising.
Event and Donation Management
Engage your community to act from the comfort of their own computer – manage and promote events, tickets, and donations online.
Advertising Strategies
Leverage popular ad networks and strategies to expand your audience.  Integrate new digital services with your traditional marketing activities.
IT Services
Desktop and mobile device management, Backups, E-Mail servers, Phone/VoIP and custom telephony applications.
Network & Server
Local or cloud-based services, Windows server, Mac OS X Server. Router and switch management, including Cisco and SonicWall. VPN, Firewall, and Wireless networking.
FileMaker Pro, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and reporting. Integrate data from various information stores like donor management or school administration systems.